This book is about an influential businessman’s crime of evading payment of legally required fees in connection with his obtaining an illegal permit issued by Anne Arundel County’s Permit Office.  Despite being informed of the illegality, Permit Office officials colluded with the businessman allowing both illegal actions. But this was just the tip of the iceberg.


The shocking fact is in the systemic corruption that ensued on appeal of the crime and illegal permit. The appeal involved Anne Arundel County’s Board of Appeals, the County’s Circuit Court, and Maryland’s 2nd highest court, the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland. All three of these courts used biased, unethical and corrupt tactics to avoid the law in aiding and abetting the businessman’s crime and illegal permit. In so doing the judges involved chose to commit their own crimes of obstruction of justice rather than adhere to the law to bring his crimes to justice.


The biased, unethical and corrupt tactics included: suppression of evidence and law, misrepresentation of testimony, reliance on perjured testimony rather than law, and a cover-up by the County’s Attorney to obstruct justice; this was followed by crooked judges that lied, misinterpreted and misquoted the law violating their own ethics and review standards, and a dirty trick to boot! The result? Law and justice were destroyed by this cesspool of systemic corruption allowing the corrupt businessman to evade the payment of fees and to operate under an illegal permit. Maryland and all its citizens lose by the existence of this cesspool of systemic corruption.


Related Improvements


From publication in June 2006, to March 2008, this book had been distributed to two Maryland governors, Maryland and Anne Arundel County legislators, and Anne Arundel County’s Executive, John R. Leopold. Mr. Leopold subsequently replaced the County’s Attorney and the Chief, Inspections & Permits. In January 2007, the County’s Council replaced the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the County’s Board of Appeals. The former Vice Chairman had presided over this case. Finally, Governor Martin O’Malley replaced the long-time Chief Judge of the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland who was in-charge during this case, a very significant improvement indeed.


The book is available for checkout in Anne Arundel County Library and Baltimore County Library, and is included in Maryland’s Law Library. The book is also sold at major book stores on the Internet, i.e.,, Barnes&,, etc. The book’s primary web site is For questions please call the publisher, PCB, Inc., at 1-800-866-2848.