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         Whizbal Checkbook Balancing Program 


Checkbook - Means any type of transaction register, manual or on computer, that keeps track of all transactions affecting your bank account balance. This includes checks, individual and recurring automatic electronic deposits and payments, and debit card use authorized by yourself as the account owner. The register should show a new balance after each deposit, payment, and adjustment transaction.

Checkbook Balancing - Means the process (or steps) of reconciling your monthly bank statement’s ending balance, to a balance in your checkbook to ensure agreement of both independent but related records. It is fundamental to keeping the principal/agent relationship intact between yourself and your bank. An account owner that does not keep or balance his checkbook is simply trusting his agent (bank).


Whizbal is a tried and proven, patented simplified system that balances any kind of checkbook you keep (manual or on computer). It is designed to eliminate the time and effort involved in working with all individual transactions required by other systems such as Quicken, etc., and bank instructions for balancing manual checkbooks. Those transaction based systems require the pre-audit process of comparing/clearing (or checking off) each bank transaction in their checkbooks. Whizbal’s balance based system does not do that as part of its normal balancing process since the result comes so quickly. So why do that if most of the time there is no error. Whizbal has error finding steps for whenever an error is certain as shown in its quick result.

Whizbal balances in its Patented Balancing Screen below with initial set up of a bank statement balance and an EVEN (aligned) checkbook balance usually taking about 30 seconds, after which the user is either 95% or 100% balanced. Most folks will be in the 95% category, needing just 3-6 exception transaction entries (average) to complete the balancing between the two aligned balances in 120 seconds. Most of the exception transactions involve bank originated interest or charges, or one or more outstanding checks which are quickly found on the bank statement in its paid check sequence listing.

So there you have it. America’s latest innovation in simplifying an onerous task that needs to be done monthly, but avoided by many. Now, there’s no need to avoid balancing your checkbook because the “onerous” has been removed by Whizbal.


  • Runs on all Windows operating systems, including Windows 10.
  • Simplifies balancing of your existing manual or computer checkbook in a patented computer screen, with just two aligned balances & 3-6 reconciling entries, in 30-120 seconds (average), excluding error situations.
  • Whizbal does not need nor have a checkbook of its own since it uses its own computer screen for simplified balancing. It is designed to balance only external manual and computer checkbooks.
  • Balances much more efficiently than Quicken - type systems and bank instructions for manual balancing because it is “balance oriented” whereas the others are “transaction oriented.” They use a mandatory “compare/clear” process for each transaction to balance. Normal balancing with Whizbal excludes that compare/clear process.
  • Whizbal’s patented “Even” (or aligned) balancing reduces reconciling entries down to 3-6 entries (average) resulting in maximum simplicity and efficiency.
  • Balances with just 2 balances, when other systems would need 100 or more transaction entries.
  • Whizbal’s software works with bank statement information. Quicken - type systems ignore it, and even duplicate the bank’s work. For example, in finding outstanding checks. See BALANCING SUPERIORITY, WHIZBAL VS. QUICKEN, ET AL.
  • Balances multiple accounts, prints balancing reports, teaches how to do “catch up “ balancing for prior unbalanced months, and is a great learning tool for high school on up.
  • Click HERE to see Whizbal’s 5 Simple Balancing Steps.


Assume that a checkbook had 50 check transactions in a given month, and the bank statement showed that all were paid, except one outstanding check. The bank statement also identified the number of the outstanding check in its asterisk system of paid checks.

The Quicken user would IGNORE that bank information and have to compare and clear all 49 checks paid on the bank statement, a tedious job duplicating the bank’s work. The Whizbal user would simply enter the statement balance and an aligned checkbook balance into the Balancing Screen below, and one entry (in QA) for the outstanding check identified by the bank. Balancing would be done in seconds without the hassle of comparing/clearing each paid check.

That’s the basic simplicity of Whizbal - you enter a bank statement balance and an aligned checkbook balance, and only the few exception transactions that caused the difference between the two aligned balances.


U.S. Patent No. 5,337,263, Simplified Checkbook Balancing System.

Roy Harrell, Jr. of Falls Church, VA. writes:
I commend you for developing Whizbal. It cuts my balancing time in half and now I enjoy doing the task.

Paul Mitchell of Tipp City, OH, writes:
I just finished balancing the July bank statement. If I am doing it right it’s so easy it is unbelievable!


Whizbal Balancing Screen

** It's balanced! With just 3 transaction entries total to Q's A, C & D in 40 seconds.
You'll know instantly as the balances on the bottom line will match and turn red.
[Please note that WHIZBAL balances any manual or computer checkbook in the above screen and does not have a checkbook of its own.]

WHIZBAL is a patented breakthrough in the art of Simplified Checkbook Balancing.
No other software can match it! Click Here for More Information

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