Have fun balancing or reconciling your manual or computer checkbook!
* also known as Patermaster's
Checkbook Balancer, or PCB.

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         Whizbal Bank Reconciliation 
EST. IN 1994

Definitions: As used in this web site, "Bank Reconciliation" is synonymous with "Checkbook Balancing" or "Checkbook Reconciling," and the general term "balancing" means the same as "reconciling" or "reconciliation."


Product Features:

  • Only patented software that balances most manual or computer checkbooks in an average of 3-6 reconciling entries, 30-120 seconds, except error situations. Eliminates most detail work required by Quicken, et al.

  • Works directly with your existing manual or computer checkbook and a bank statement, no extra work needed. Uses a bank statement balance and a checkbook balance that is EVEN with the statement balance - so simple it's fun. Have your kids do it!

  • PCB vs Quicken et al, difference. Unlike Quicken, PCB does not need or have its own checkbook. PCB works with EVEN balances and a few exception transactions in a patented screen. Quicken works with each and every transaction, a lengthy/tedious job.

  • A typical balancing: Enter a bank statement balance, and an EVEN checkbook balance, i.e. after the last check paid on the bank statement. Now you're 95 to 100% balanced! PCB's 5 simple balancing steps show you how to find exceptions.

  • PCB also: Balances multiple accounts, Prints balancing reports, Teaches how to balance prior unbalanced months, Is a great learning tool for all education levels including adults, Cuts balancing time in half.

WHIZBAL is a patented breakthrough in the art of Simplified Checkbook Balancing.
No other software can match it! Click Here for More Information

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1. Download of Whizbal program - Immediate download of program upon payment via PayPal. An updated Mini-manual with 5 simple balancing steps will then be emailed to the email address provided. $10 total. (Important: You must click the "Return to PCB, Inc." button once you reach the PayPal Thank You page to begin your download.)

2. Whizbal's software package (called Patermaster's Checkbook Balancer, pictured above) includes patented CD + regular manual. FREE standard shipping. Updated Mini-manual with 5 simple balancing steps also included. $19.95 total.

3. Whizbal's Book, America's Simplest Checkbook Balancing in 3 to 6 Entries, is a patented guide for simplified MANUAL BALANCING of manual and computer checkbooks. $8.95 + $3 s/h. $11.95 total.

4. SHOCKING NEW BOOK: "A Case of Systemic Corruption in Maryland."Click here for a summary of the book. More details and buying options are available at: Atlasbooks.com, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, and Walmart.com. Buy here direct from publisher and signed by the author. $20.00 + $6 s/h. $26.00 total (20% off MSRP).

WHIZBAL's software runs on Win 95 & above, including XP and VISTA.

All mail order products have a 4-month money back guarantee. User help is gladly provided via email (jpatermast@aol.com),
telephone (1-800-866-2848), or by mail (PCB, Inc. 4910 W. Chalk Pt. Rd., West River, MD 20778).

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